possession - the unnameable suffering
The Unnameable Suffering
Metal Merchant

Back when I bought this CD, I had to decide between this and their full-length. I bought ‘The Unnameable Suffering’ to sample, with the option to buy the full-length later. I listened, I wet myself, I rushed back to the store to pick up the full-length, only to find that SOMEONE BOUGHT IT BEFORE ME! YAAAAAARRRRGGHHHH!! NECRO SMASH!!!!!!!

Okay, okay, after a few cleansing breaths and “putting it in the Happy Box”, ‘The Unnameable Suffering’ is a nice one-two-three punch of blackened thrash metal in the raw, in the vein of Venom and King Diamond. “Seer’s Vision” is easily my favorite cut here, a great Revelation tune buffeted by thrash hooks and the most gnarly schizo vocals I’ve ever heard. “Sounds Of Sorrow” is the rough cut of the song that appeared on ‘Eternally Haunt’. “Have No Fear” gives something of a disturbing slant on the whole spiritual warfare thing. Way cool.