saviour machine - 1990 demo
1990 Demo
MCM / Massacre

This is the original recording that got the band signed to Intense Records. As it stands, both the original demo and the 1997 re-release are out-of-print and hard to find, but the search is well worth it for fans of Eric Clayton’s legendary band.

This is early Saviour Machine, which is a bit different than the finely-honed band people associate with the Legend series. The sound is raw goth rock, with Clayton’s vocals not as pronounced but powerful nonetheless. It’s still a very good demo, well-produced and showing a glimpse of what Saviour Machine was to become. Lyrically, the demo shows that the band was completely into the Biblical prophecy-themed stuff even back then.

Collect-ability-wise, the demo only has two songs that appear elsewhere on their official self-titled debut: “Carnival Of Souls” and “When The Cat Came Home”, the later of which appeared as “The Mask”. Both are early versions, and differ slightly from the major release versions. The other six tracks appear nowhere else, making this a must-have for the Saviour Machine completest.