saviour machine - saviour machine
Saviour Machine
Intense / Massacre

Beautiful. Haunting. Dark. Compelling. Deep. Contemplative. Saviour Machine has been much more than the usual ear candy band. They are usually stuck under the all-encompassing “goth” label (or, if you’re in the typical Christian bookstore, you’ll probably find them under the “alternative” section), but their sound is best described as Pink Floyd, Mozart and Bauhaus meeting up with C.S. Lewis at the all-night waffle house at 3:00 a.m.

‘Saviour Machine’ is not, I repeat, not a CD you just pop in and press play. No, this requires listening time. Preferably in either a good stereo or quality headphones. At night. With the lights turned low. Although you could, I guess, pick out songs you like to hear (I’m usually drawn to “Carnival Of Souls”, “Legion”, “Killer” and “Jesus Christ”), ‘Saviour Machine’ is best taken in its entirety, as most concept albums are. Yes, it’s a concept album; though exactly what is left to the listener (one theory is that it’s the state of the world before the coming of Jesus. First or second coming is again up for debate).

‘Saviour Machine’ is for the deep, contemplative goths. Pop it in and enjoy. . .