Neon Cross - Neon Cross
Neon Cross

Neon Cross was one of those influential Christian metal bands from the late 80s that released a highly acclaimed album out of nowhere, and then quickly disappeared from the scene. Despite what the name of the band may tell you, their sound was the more gritty and darker side of melodic metal, more on par with Rage Of Angels, Saint, Leviticus and that other band with a cross in their name, Barren Cross than the glam pop most associate with the era. With ragged metal hooks that were catchier than the common cold and blatant Christian lyrics, it’s easy to see how this is considered a classic to many. The only thing I have to hold as a negative, and this really reflects the different styles of the eras we live in, and sometimes the vocals, while mostly cool throughout, hit some pretty high falsettos (especially on “We Are The Children Of Our Lord” and “Far Cry From Eden”) that makes one wonder if someone let loose with some helium in the studio. Amazing how he can sustain that without blowing a vocal chord, or activating the garage door opener. Anyway, here’s a strong contender for the Christian metal history books, and recently re-released, from what I understand.