sinai beach - wolves in sheep's clothing
Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing
Strike First Records

Clocking in at 11 minutes and 28 seconds is a four-song EP by Sinai Beach called, interestingly, Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing. No doubt emulating, in all irony, Jimmy Swaggart’s anti-Christian rock book of the same name.

Musically, this is your typical metalcore album. Fast, loud, abrasive, and primal. The guitars rip, and the guy’s vocals are very, very angry. Lyrically, the phrase “Angry Christian Band” would apply here. In the title track, the vocalist screams: “To the Pharisees of the twenty-first century / To those who know only religious ceremonies / Crooked liars behind pedestals / Got bibles in their hands but know nothing of what it holds” And on “On / Off Switch”, the band takes aim at flaky Christians: “Like a pair of pants you treat my creator / Take Him off one day and put Him on another / Like clock work you abuse the Savior / Just wait ’til the right hand strikes at the right time.” Abrasive stuff, indeed…

Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing will definitely be something fans of Travail, Zao, and any other metalcore band on the Solid State label will get into…