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Maribeth has a secret. A secret she’d thought dead. And safely buried. A secret that twists and turns and writhes, never to find rest. Something quite contrary grows in her neighbor’s garden, something not quite good, yet not quite evil. Someone haunts and torments Maribeth’s young daughter, someone not quite living, yet not quite dead. Somehow a frightened young mother must find the strength to overcome a force of unearthly innocence and unholy cunning. A force compelled to destroy life in order to have it. A force not of this world nor of hell, but a place more damned than anyone could have ever imagined…

Another one of those mass market paperback novels that was on sale in some department store or Five-And-Dime where this was probably picked up at. I don’t remember where exactly; all I know is, I didn’t buy it personally—probably my mother, as she was big on those kind of cheep horror novels that were everywhere back then—and I kept seeing it lying around, so I finally just read it a few years ago in an afternoon. A few years later, I finally decide to scribble down a review of the thing. Yeah, it’s how I work.

Limbo tells the story of a young widow who had to move back to her home town after the tragic death of her husband, and start a new life with her young daughter. Only, soon after returning, she’s being sued by the town douche bag that I imagine looks like Bill Paxton’s character in True Lies. Oh, and also there’s the issue of the vengeful spirit of another young girl that has ties to the young woman’s past, wreaking all sorts of wackiness on the townsfolk.

Overall, Limbo was a pretty decent supernatural ghost story that was straight-forwardly written and managed to keep things interesting from start to finish. For another in a long line of paperback horror novels, Limbo was a pleasant surprise. It’s not going to unseat any of the masters any time soon, but it’s worth checking out if you run across it at a used book shop some time.