system failure - can you see the dead
Can You See The Dead?
Wounded Records

My boy’s follow-up to their EP ‘Conception’ finds them not only on a widely-distributed indie label (Wounded Records), but also finds them much more brutal than their debut. How much more? Think Sepultura meeting up with Sleeping By The Riverside at a Zao show. That much more.

Dispensing with all preconceptions from ‘Conception’ (pun not intended, by the way), ‘Can You See The Dead?’ is a very well-executed (again, no pun intended) eight-song disc of deathcore fury. It seems the band has achieved in studio what I’ve seen at their shows. Heavy, brutal, and energetic, with elements included to show how fun the band can be. There are sound clips here and there that pepper the disc, including a Scottish guy, and a clip of Jack Nicholson from the movie Batman, which has got to be my second-favorite clip included in a song (right behind that Scooby-Doo clip in that Eternal Decision song). The tracks that stuck out to me was the opener “Can You See The Dead”, “Shadows Manifest”, “All Is Silent” and “Crutch Of Reason”. Oh, by the way, thanx to the band for sending me the track listing.

All I had to listen to was a friend’s copy, sans the liner notes. Rest assured that I’ll be getting my own copy soon, though. And if you’re this type of brutal music, get yourself a copy from the Wounded Records website. It’ll probably be the best ten bucks you’ll spend.