system failure - conception

Yet another hardcore band out of the midwest. You know, where I’m from. Seems we’re teeming with them for some odd reason or another.

Conception is a five-song EP that’s not a bad listen for the general hardcore crowd: the first song, “Cry To Heaven”, starts off with a sound clip from a Ronald Reagan speech, and then ripps into the tune. The rest of the songs, “Due Penalty”, “Behold”, “Reflection” and “Flashback”, pretty much hold up the same pace- plod-along heavy. Listen closely, and you’ll hear the distinctive sounds of a galvanized trash can being used as an actual instrument within the CD. No kidding. They’ve used it in their live shows. It’s rather inventive, I’d say. . .

Now, for those wondering about the lyrical content, freat not, they’re pretty in-your-face lyrically. Take “Due Penalty” for instance: “Sin entombs your decaying flesh even as you burn with lust / Feel the price of this perversion / pay with your life and hell follows after / Confusion darkens the minds of the masses / wrong is right in the eyes of many / wisdom is discarded as the fools rush in / twisting the truth just to please themselves. . .” They just seem to fit in with the music, don’t they?

System Failure should appeal to the old-school hardcore crowd into Earth Crisis, Focused and Through And Through.