whitecross - equilibrium
R. E. X.

Whitecross’ second full-length on the R. E. X. label, also their second one without guitarist extraordinaire Rex Carroll. The music here is, once again, heavy modern rock that, for the most part, actually rocks pretty hard when it wants to. I’ve heard many disregard Whitecross as another “sellout” when they switched labels and started making more modern-sounding albums. Sure, this isn’t of the LA-style sleaze metal sound that they’re normally known for. But, for the most part, the music on this album is really good. It does rock, that is for certain. Sure, there are more modern rock tinges, and the guitar work of Carroll is missed, but the music is very well played, and Scott Wenzel’s voice is sounding the best here, not trying to sing so high-pitched all the time like on the previous StarSong-era albums.

Lyrically, the band is still very full-on for the evangelistic side of things. The writing is very much improved here, being a little more artistic in the endeavor, but you can still tell that the band has the heart for the outreach, spreading the Gospel to the lost. The production is quite top-notch too, and the music is tight. Overall, I’d say this is a very fine album. Sure, the argument can be made that they should have changed the name from Whitecross to something else, but give it a try. It does rock, believe me…