whitecross - to the limit
To The Limit: The Best Of Whitecross
Star Song Records

This is the first of what would be two “best-of” collections that Star Song put out to try to eek more money out of the band after they jumped ship in ’93. Released that same year, To The Limit features twelve cuts, two of which recorded for the collection.

Ten tracks are culled from their first five Star Song / Pure Metal releases: “Enough Is Enough” (from Whitecross); “When The Walls Tumble Down”, “Walk With Me”, “Because Of Jesus” (from Hammer And Nail); “Shakedown”, “Simple Man” (from Triumphant Return); “In The Kingdom”, “No Second Chances” (from In The Kingdom); and “In America” and “Dancin’ In Heaven” (from High Gear). The two new tracks, “It’s My Life” and “You’re My Lord”, are classic hard rockers – crunchy power riffs, Scott Wenzel’s raspy vocals, driving rhythms, and straight forward lyrics – sound like they could have come off any of their previous releases.

The three obligatory ballads aside, To The Limit is a decent collection of hard rocking tracks from Whitecross’s classic era. Of course, there are some cuts that I really wish would have made it to be a complete “best of” in my opinion, but decent for a nice introductory for fans of the era that gave us Ratt and Kix…and a milestone signaling an end of an era for another classic Christian metal band…