No Innocent Victim - Flesh & Blood
Flesh & Blood
Victory Records

Once again, my thoughts on the word “metalcore” is validated- that being that the label was invented by pretentious hardcore kids so they’ll feel better about actually listening to metal. Whatever. All I can say about this disc is that it’s some very blistering and spine twisting metal…pure and simple. Sure, it has a tasty oldschool New York style thrown in, but with the opening guitar riff of the title track, “Flesh And Blood”, and it’s pretty clear…this is metal. Get over yourselves…

On the lyrical side, No Innocent Victim remains as strong and Biblically-based as ever. Very bold, very up-front. Very refreshing, given all the other bands who’re sporting more of an obscure “artistic” approach to their lyrics. Anyhoo, if you’re looking for some good NYC hardcore-infused metal that’s actually played well (not to mention fast- 12 songs and clocking in at under 25 minutes…yeesh…), not unlike MOD, SOD, and the like…well, pick this sucker up…and be prepared to dive into a mosh…