officer negative - the death campaign
The Death Campaign
Solid State

Huh? Wha? When did this happen? I thought Officer Negative was a punk band. P-U-N-K…punk. The Death Campaign Project is a death/metalcore CD. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, it’s just such an unexpected change. Really, you could ruin your transmission grinding gears like that…

Musically, The Death Campaign treads the same death/metalcore patht that bands like Chalice, Symphony In Peril and Norma Jean have gone down before. Growled vocals, 32nd notes, soft/hard dynamics and time changes all permeate themselves effortlessly throughout the album. Lyrically, the band writes some very thought-provoking and artistic prose full of metaphors and euphemisms in a Christian world view, yet not at all artfully confusing. This is a CD that smacked me out of left field, simply because I was expecting a punk album. Wow. Definitely for fans of the more extreme metalcore…