pillar - where do we go from here
Where Do We Go From Here?
Flicker Records

After a couple of (c)rapcore albums and several #1 hits, Pillar returned after a two-year hiatus and a change in sound. No longer the tired-sounding rapcore style, the band adopted a tired-sounding heavy emo-rock sound instead, obviously capitalizing the other Christian bands that went mainstream and changed their previous style to better clone themselves out. You know, for that mainstream appeal.

Mind you, I’ll give ’em points for getting some stellar production on the mix, and admittedly the songs “Bring Me Down” and their cover of U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” are catchy and fairly decent (the later song appears as a bonus track on the limited edition that I got that features extra songs and a DVD with a couple of videos and behind-the-scenes clips), and watching the DVD, I have to say that their drummer is a hoot. Otherwise, getting this from a used CD shop in a trade, I can’t say that I’ll be listening to this album again in the very distant future. Maybe if my taste in music changes, I’ll pop this in while I watch the pigs fly around. Otherwise, pass…