sacred warrior - master's command
Master’s Command
Intense Records

Following up their Intense Records debut, Sacred Warrior apparently decided to release a sophomore recording that went above and beyond. Master’s Command is considered to be the band’s finest moment, taking the epic Queensryche-esque heavy metal style of theirs to better songwriting, better production, and just tighter execution. Not that Rebellion was a slouch; Master’s Command seems thicker, a bit more focused. And when we’re talking delicious melodic heavy metal, ya wanna go thick n’ meaty. And Master’s Command makes its own gravy.

There’s a lot of fantastic stuff here, from the anthem-ic title track, to the collaboration with Vengeance Rising’s Roger Martinez on “The Flood”, to the awesome reworking of the hymn “Holy Holy Holy”… the vocals are angelic as well as glass-shattering, and the guitars shred. Master’s Command is pretty much a certified heavy metal classic. You’d be doing yourself a favor by checking this one out.