sacred warrior - rebellion
Intense Records

Sacred Warrior is one of those classics in the Christian metal circles that, whenever mentioned, is remembered quite fondly by many a fellow metalhead. There’s a reason for that. It’s because they took the whole concept of Christian metal and almost single handedly made it into an art form. In the 1980s, there were a lot of Stryper and Judas Priest-sounding metal bands, but none sounded like Sacred Warrior, which had much comparisons to the likes of Queensryche. Which is a good thing, I must point out.

As a debut release, Rebellion is one top-notch album chock full of shredding heavy metal with some very powerful vocals. Man, that guy can wail. Very tight musicianship, and the production is pretty good as well. Lyrically, the band is very straight-forward with the Christian message, and while some of the songs may be a bit silly in the lyric department, the bold stance made them an instant favorite for the Christian metalheads at a time when the bands were few and far between.

Compared to the next three albums Sacred Warrior released after this, Rebellion seems a bit weak in comparison, but that’s because of maturity in the writing and music. However, Rebellion is still heads above many heavy metal albums at the time, Christian or non, and is a fine example of well-done metal.