sacrificium - escaping the stupor
Escaping The Stupor
Black Lotus Records

German band Sacrificium’s second full length release is a fantastic collection of brutal melodic death metal — freaking BRUTAL but with enough melody to keep things interesting. Blast beats abound, heavy and blistering riffs, fantastic vocals of both the scream/shriek and death growl varieties (handled nicely by the one guy, btw). Lyrically, the songs on Escaping The Stupor are of the socio-political nature, from a definite Christian standpoint, tackling society and all its woes.

The production here is top-notch. Karl Walfridsson of Pantokrator and Pilgrim of Crimson Moonlight make an appearance on the song “I Am The Enemy”, with the cut “Tremendum” being a nice acoustic instrumental between all the brutality. Overall, Escaping The Stupor is a fantastic CD that sucked me in from the opening cut to the very last.