paramaecium - exhumed of the earth
Exhumed Of The Earth
R. E. X.

Paramaecium, like any other band named after single-celled bacterium, would be classified as, what I’m told, doom metal. Death metal that’s a little slower, almost plod-along, and much more experimental. Death metal to brood to, to coin a phrase. Now, ‘Exhumed Of The Earth’ took me a while to get into, mostly for the afore mentioned experimental edge to it. But, as with all things I had to take time to get used to, this CD is now one of my particular favorites. Take, for example, the opening cut “The Unnatural Conception”. Clocking in at seventeen minutes, and incorporating such exotic musical incorporation as violins, an operatic female singer and keyboards, to say nothing of the gut-wrenching down-tuned guitar riff that churns on for five minutes before shifting, the precise-as-a-Swiss-watch drumming of none other than Jayson Sherlock and the growl vocals. Some listeners with shorter attention spans may be tempted to start skipping around, but believe me, the whole song is very, very satisfying. It’s such a darkly beautiful amalgam of sounds, it shouldn’t be brushed off so soon.

The overall theme of ‘Exhumed Of The Earth’ seems to pretty much deal with the birth of Christ, His death, the persecution of His followers, and the Second Coming. You know, standard death/doom metal topics. Aside from “The Unnatural Conception”, I also gravitate toward “Injudicial”, “Untombed”, “The Voyage Of The Severed” and “The Killing” as far as favored tracks go. This is another CD I listen to in the dark a lot. It’s worth checking out.