overcome - immortal until their work is done
Immortal Until Their Work Is Done
Facedown Records

First and only full-length studio release for Facedown Records by hardcore / metalcore band Overcome. I remember when this originally came out, there were outcries from the hardcore community claiming that Overcome “sold out and went metal.” Usually when I was talking to ’em at the youth group, they would say to me, “you’d probably like ’em now, they went metal.” Then my former editor at the Dead ‘Zine, back when I was reviewing for that site, e-mailed me stating that I should really look into reviewing Immortal Until Their Work Is Done, because it was a fine collection of metal. Now, I understand the great catch-all tag of “metal”, but really that could cause a lot of confusion. It did me, because my concept of just “metal” differs to what the kids spout as “metal”. Can’t fault them for having such an inferior grasp of things, really…

To put things in their proper place, Immortal Until Their Work Is Done would fall under the “metalcore” heading — “metal” because of the guitar riffs and pacing, and “core” because of the rhythms and the screaming / shouted vocals. Lyrically, they’re pretty in-thy-face warnings against turning away from God and Jesus, and to be steadfast in the Faith. To be certain, I don’t find this album as annoying as most of the metalcore I’ve come across through the years. The production’s pretty good, especially when compared to the lower production of the Life Of Death EP. But, this also doesn’t really grab my attention, and as such I only listen to this disc once in a great while…