saint - crime scene earth
Crime Scene Earth
Armor Records

This latest offering from Saint finds the band not only in prime condition, but proves that heavy metal done right will never go away. This isn’t spandex-and-hairspray metal; no, the music on Crime Scene Earth is full-on leather-and-studs, hop on your Harley and roar down the highway at midnight HEAVY METAL that is thick, pounding, and chock full of infectious hooks and grooves that will keep you glued to your stereo for hours listening to this album.

Saint has always been one of my favorites of the classic Christian metal era, being one of the first to bring a darker edge to the metal at the time. Here on Crime Scene Earth, the metal is still heavy, dark and gritty, but like their previous releases in this new century, the music has an added aggression which makes things rather tasty. Lyrically, the songs are planted firmly in the Biblical faith, “Everlasting God” quickly becoming my new heavy metal praise song. The keyboards on the song were a nice touch. “Invader” is a Judas Priest cover, and is proof why Saint is so often compared to that band. Really good cover.

I think that I should also point out, due to the review in a past ish of the Heaven’s Metal ‘Zine, that vocalist Josh Kramer actually only sings on three songs here: “Half A Times Measure”, “Crime Scene Earth”, and “Invader”. Obviously, he would be the only choice to do the Judas Priest cover, natch. Otherwise, the rest of the vox are handled by longtime bassist and songwriter Richard Lynch, who has a bit of a grittier style going. There’s a noticeable difference, but doesn’t take away from the music whatsoever.

The production itself is a bit wanting, tell you the truth. However, as a self-produced album, the quality is really good compared to a lot of self-produced CDs I’ve heard, so that’s just a very minor quibble. Besides, who needs slick, over-produced metal anyway?

Bottom line is, if you love yer metal, and consider yourself a serious fan of Christian metal, you need to have Crime Scene Earth in your collection. Seriously. Own this now, or your Metalhead membership card will be revoked…