saviour machine - legend part 1
Legend, pt. 1
MCM / Massacre

The concept piece to end all concept pieces starts here. For all ravenous fans of the legendary Saviour Machine, this is the beginning of the culmination of Eric Clayton’s overall vision, the logical end to the almost larger-than-life dramatic symphonic goth-rock band.

Legend pt. I, referred to as “the first part of the unofficial soundtrack to the end of the world”, is 77 minutes of rich, deep, symphonic goth, well researched Biblically and beautifully and poetically written. It comes packaged in a solid black jewel case with reflective red lettering, a 16-page booklet jam-packed with full lyrics, artwork and interactive Bible references.

The real treasure, though, is the music, which far outshines the packaging. The CD starts with “Overture”, a 5-minute symphonic piece. What follows is a seamless journey of orchestral arrangements, keyboards, programmed samples, dark synths, spoken word, choir ensembles, haunting piano, dark guitar riffs, middle eastern sounds, all complemented by Eric Clayton’s amazing dramatic vocals.

Lyrically, the subject matter is ripped straight from the Bible. From the beginning strains of the opening track to the chilling final track, “Legend I:II”, you’re taken through a musical pastiche that is breathtaking and engaging with a message that isn’t dumbed down for the CCM market. Legend pt. 1 is nothing short of epic.

To be continued…