screams of chaos - genetic war
Genetic War
Rowe / Retroactive

Let’s see, if I remember correctly, this disc originally came out around 1996 or ’97. I’m not too sure if it was on the Rowe Productions label, or was just distributed by Rowe Production’s website. All I remember is that, for some reason or another, Steve Rowe dropped it, citing that Screams Of Chaos wasn’t a Christian band. Even though the band had cuts featured on the Australian Metal comps hand-picked by Steve himself. I don’t get it, really, because after reading the lyrics to Genetic War, I’m convinced that at least the guy who wrote them was very strongly a Christian. My guess is, Steveiepoo got miffed because they weren’t the cheesy type that Mortification has been churning out, and were actually very creatively written as allegorically Sci-Fi. Eh, whatever…

This copy I snagged was the re-release on Retroactive records, and was well worth the coin I dropped for it. This is some very heavy, very nasty and very brutal death metal with industrial influences. The drums are tight and bombastic, the guitars are shredding, and the vocals go from scary shrieks to intense growling, and even some clean-sung vocals thrown in. Once in a while, there’s some haunting keyboards and chanting, giving some atmosphere to everything. Very nicely done. Lyrically, the band melds both Viking history with Brave New World type sci-fi imagery with a Christian twist to it, bringing something quite unique to the table. I love this disc. It’s light-years ahead both musically and lyrically than the songs found on the Australian Metal comps. I urge you to get this immediately…or die trying…