septer - transgressor

Put on your faded black concert shirt, dust off that studded leather vest, and slap on those spiked leather gauntlets, because this here is a slab of meaty old-school M-E-T-A-L, heavy on the sauce. See, I was on the CD Baby website (great place to order underground and independent CDs from, I highly recommend them), and this band popped up after I typed in “Christian Metal” in the search engine. Haven’t heard of them up to then, and boy howdy am I glad I gave it a shot.

This being their first CD release, Transgressor is old school metal from the first minute: Heavy riffs, thundering drums, razor cut-educing lead shredding, and wailing vocals that bring to mind Dio in his prime. Lyrically, we’re dealing with some apocalyptic themes here. Despite some slightly uneven production, this thing shreds. Heavily. Fans of Saint, Rock For The King-era Barren Cross, Iron Maiden and Panzer will definitely do well to check this platter out…