six feet deep - the road less traveled
The Road Less Traveled
R. E. X.

It’s a pity that Six Feet Deep lasted only two CDs. The two years between Struggle to The Road Less Traveled was a long wait. It was well worth it, though, as The Road Less Traveled takes the musical and lyrical intensity of Struggle and injects more musical maturity and pure, uncut emotional passion per square inch, making this CD a brutal and beautiful metalcore experience.

Starting with a very low-volume sound clip that will make you turn up your volume really high to hear what’s being said, the CD proceeds to blow out your speakers and / or eardrums (depending on if you’re listening on earphones or not) with a gut-wrenching musical barrage of hard metalcore that’s complemented with the vocalist screaming “You took something beautiful smeared it all with blood”, which amplifies the anger and sorrow that was on the first album tenfold. The entire CD is musically diverse without taking away from the heaviness, and at times pulls of a beautifully soft yet wrenchingly intense instrumental bits, which gives a new depth and dimension to the music.

The Road Less Traveled proved that Six Feet Deep wasn’t just a one-trick post-thrash / hardcore pony, and can mature musically. Too bad they broke up after this release, which means that we’ll never know what hights they would have achieved. Highly recommended.