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“I wanna meet your family.”

It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t know that You’re Next was directed by Adam Wingard. See, the only other film of his I’ve seen (not counting his contributions to the first two V/H/S movies) was Pop Skull, which I thought was absolute rubbish. After viewing You’re Next, though, I do love to admit that he’s gotten better.

That said, I went into watching You’re Next a bit hesitantly to begin with, because it seemed to be another in a line of current home invasion horror movies that have popped up since The Strangers back in 2008. But then, I saw reviews from sites and people who gave You’re Next some positive feedback, and so I finally relented, and gave You’re Next a watch.

All said, I did find You’re Next to be relatively enjoyable. It’s billed as a black comedy slasher film, something I can see and agree with. Less Scream-style, and more Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV show.

The movie begins with your standard offing of a man and his mid-life crisis girlfriend in their Missouri vacation home, with YOU’RE NEXT written in blood on the wall serving as our opening title shot. Meanwhile, the neighbors are having a family reunion–the owner’s are celebrating their Anniversary, and they’re joined by their four children and their significant others. Being the stereotypical upper-class sort, the kids are quite snarky with each other, as privileged young adult siblings tend to be (I guess), and it’s not too long before the squabbling begins. Before things delve too far into Aaron Spelling territory, however, the dinner party is interrupted by three individuals wearing animal masks and various sharp and pointy implements, taking out members of the dinner party one by one. Things look pretty bleak, when–faster than you can say “What a tweest!”–the girlfriend of one of the sibs turns out to have some mad survivalist skills, and begins to rally the surviving members to fight back. Or die trying. Which, they mostly do.

Overall, You’re Next was very well made, had some good twists in the story rather than sticking to the tired old home invasion horror formula, some good effective squeamish kills going on, and I found myself rather happy with the way it wrapped up in the end. For once, I didn’t find myself predicting everything that was happening, and that’s a rare occurrence.

So, maybe I was a bit hasty at blowing off Mr. Wingard as a ham-fisted all-style-no-substance wannabe auteur. Here, he shows he’s a bit more adept at making a tired and over-done horror sub-genre entertaining and fun. You get a reprieve, sir. As for the movie, I would concur that if you’re going to watch a home invasion thriller, you can do worse than watching You’re Next.