seven angels - to know god and to make him known
To Know God And To Make Him Known

I think that’s what the name of this three-song CD is. At least, that’s what’s on the front cover right under the band’s logo (and that’s a pretty good place to look). But, since the point of CD reviews are to review the content contained on said CD, I’ll do such:

What we got here, faithful readers, is a three-song CD (as noted before) of what can only be labeled power metal. Power metal with female vocals. So, immediately one would draw parallels between the plethora of female-fronted Christian metal of the past, such as Barnabas, Ransom, Rosanna’s Raiders, and…er, um…okay, that’s pretty much it. Oh, and maybe Ordained Fate. Maybe. Actually, I’d compare this disc more with Narnia and Impelliteri than the previous bands, more on the rather intensely shredding guitar work. The musicianship is strong, very tight and well played. The vocals are pretty good as well, excepting for maybe a little holding back. It doesn’t help much that it seems that her vocals were put in the background in the production. She’s got to chops, thinks I, and she should really let out and wail.

Second point factor- Seven Angels was obviously conceived as an evangelical band, as evident with the second track “Power”. Sounds like one of them shout-out-the-chorus-with-fists-in-the-air anthems (the chorus going “Power, we’ve got Power, I’ve got Power, we’ve got…”), the song calling the listener to submit to Jesus unto salvation. But, as I’ve pointed out, the vocals were almost non-discernible in the mix, having some of the message drowned out by the awesome musicianship. This is the Gospel, and something that should be as up-front as the guitar talent. They do print the lyrics, so there’s that reference point.

Bottom line is that Seven Angels (did they get that name from the Seventh Angel’s song off of the “White Metal Warriors” comp? Wish I knew) sounds like a power metal band that could explode with a bit more production, more songs as well-played as these, and allowing the vocals to let loose. Worth a look.