Jimmy John's Is Offensive...to one guy...enjoy your sammich...Keeping up with my brain droppings is a day-to-day shifting thing. Most of the time, I spend a lot of thought, mulling over what to say, and how to say it. Mostly jotting stuff down in a spiral notebook I always have with me. Think of a topic, let my mind run roughshod for a while, try to sweep things into a manageable pile for the posting. This process could take hours, days, sometimes weeks to squeeze into a manageable brain dropping. And sometimes – it’s rare, but it happens – something drops into my proverbial lap out of nowhere, begging to be given the ol’ blog treatment. Something that, when it happens, it causes me to raise my arms and shout, “I am SO BLOGGING THIS!”

This is one of those blog posts.

See, for those of you not in the know, I used to work at a Jimmy John’s in the town of Fremont in Eastern Nebraska. Jimmy John’s, as you may or may not know, has some of the more quirky commercials out there. It’s important that you know that, trust me. Today at work, we received a call from a guy who wished to speak to the manager. So I handed the phone to our illustrious GM, and over the course of the call the looks on his face were rather…interesting. To say the very least. After he hung up, he burst into giggles, then repeated what he went through.

Seems this particular gentleman was sitting at home, watching his television, minding his own business and having a jolly good time, when on came a Jimmy John’s commercial that he described as “All in Chinese and not translated to English”, and because of this, he was offended. To the point of no longer patronizing Jimmy John’s. Ever. Again. No, seriously, he meant it. Oh, and he also wanted my boss to pass this grievance on to the Corporate Offices.

Now, since I don’t have network television (I was one of the few who never got into the whole Digital Converter Box thing when analog TV went bye-bye last year, nor do I have cable / satellite, and probably never will), I rarely get to see any of the commercials that air for the Sandwich Juggernaut that I proudly toil for. However, I am willing to bet that, instead of Chinese, the gentleman probably meant Japanese. Mainly because, when you’re going for quirky advertising, you don’t get much more quirky than Japan. And as such, he was probably subjected to THIS COMMERCIAL HERE, as a cursory search on YouTube provided.

Truthfully, the only way I can see anyone being offended by this commercial is at the end, where the JJ logo uses “Engrish”. But, no, the offensiveness of the commercial, according to the guy calling the store, was because it wasn’t translated into English. Or, I’m just speculating here, used subtitles. Possibly to understand what they were saying. Because, as he also pointed out to our store’s long-suffering GM, we translate stuff for the illegal immigrants, but not for us proper English talkers. I’m just guessing that’s how he worded it, there. Blogger Exaggeration License.

A more politically minded individual would probably expound on this, either in a Conservative or Liberal standpoint. Heck, I’m pretty sure in some places in the great Blogosphere that we dwell in, this particular individual in my neck of the woods would probably be lauded as a hero of American values taking a stand for what’s right. Or, on the other side of the coin, a perfect example of how shallow and intellectually vapid these hateful Midwest dwellers are. Or something. Eh, I’m not political. I use satire and sarcasm on everything I think is absurd, political, religious, sociological, and all points in-between. And that includes this little incident that happened at my Jimmy John’s store. There’s nothing deep, nothing allegorical, nothing profound, really, about this particular Brain Dropping here. Just wanted to share, is all.

So, I thank you, sir, for bringing a smile to my and my coworkers’ face. And friends, if you really want to feel better about your own lives, co’mon down to Fremont, Nebraska some time for a brief visit, and experience the uniqueness that is Fremont, Nebraska. And before you leave, stop by Jimmy John’s, and say “hi” to the poor saps that still work there…