wedding party - anthems

I remember catching Wedding Party’s set at Cornerstone 1999, and chatting with vocalist Sheri Watters before and after the show. Had I known it was going to be the final performance ever of the band, I probably would have savored the set more than I did.

While most have automatically compared Wedding Party to Saviour Machine: (and the comparisons are valid) from the powerful dramatic goth rock sound; to being released on MCM Records; to the album being produced by Eric Clayton, and SM keyboards Nathan Van Hala handling the electronic programming end. ‘Anthems’ is something special in its own right. There’s a great deal of depth and variety to this project that you mustn’t overlook.

Let’s begin with the title- ‘Anthems’. While it’s expected to think of your country’s national anthem, this isn’t a collection of such. Whipping out my dictionary (okay, okay, I just use I’m lazy. Sue me), an anthem is defined as “1. A sacred hymn or 2. a song of devotion or patriotism”. ‘Anthems’ is a collection of 12 songs of adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication, extolling living a life for Jesus Christ in a dramatic goth rock opera style. Musically, Wedding Party has a depth that is simply breathtaking. The music on ‘Anthems’ range from hard goth-metal to industrial goth to acoustic/classical/ambient pieces, all done beautifully. The band crafts a masterpiece with guitars, drums, percussion, keyboards and piano, Nathan Van Hala’s orchestration and the centerpiece vocal duo of William and Sheri Watters. My favorite tracks are “War Memorial”, “Even You”, “Raven’s Warning”, “The Unknown God” and “No More Night”. Recommended for fans of Saviour Machine and Undish…