downloadThe way Slacker Radio chooses songs for their “stations” make no bloody sense whatsoever. I wanted a good industrial mix, so I typed “Nine Inch Nails” in the search engine, and it brought up “Head Like A Hole” off of Pretty Hate Machine. Good start. So I settle back, take in the song on my headphones, curious as to what was going to come up next. Instead of an industrial-flavored mix, the next song was a Deftones song. A Deftones song. So I utilize my skip option. The next artist is – Soundgarden. Feh. Okay, I figure they were going for the “alternative” angle. So I type in “Ministry”. They bring up and play “Halloween Everyday”. Interesting choice, but okay. I can dig it. Song ends, and the next band is…Pantera? A-whaaaa? How is Pantera even a logical choice to follow early 80s electronic mope rock? I just…there is no rhyme or reason to the whole thing.

Never had that problem with Last FM. Only, to play the stations on my mobile device, I need to pay for the premium service or something. Jerks. When I need my fix I need my fix. At least their comedy and METAL stations are decent.