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Under Midnight

I first came to the attention of Under Midnight via the one on-camera interview they did for an old Heaven’s Metal Video Magazine. Conducting the interview in what appeared to be a series of closets (don’t ask), they went on about what the band was not- apparently, they weren’t alternative, industrial, punk…whatever. I hate it when bands get presumptuously arrogant like that. “We’re not this, we’re not that, we’re victims of mainstream press…boo hoo hoo…” Again, whatever…

But, it’s all about the music, isn’t it? After listening to a copy of Under Midnight’s self-titled debut, sufficed to say, their sound transcended any misgivings I had about the band members themselves…perhaps it was a tongue-in-cheek rouge, who knows. While the disc definitely leans heavily on the EBM style of things, the band experiments and plays within the different branches of the genre, going from guitar-driven agro-industrial, samples, techno-dance and ambient from song to song.

Lyrically, the entire CD, from what I’ve read in further interviews and articles, is a kind of science fiction concept album, telling the story of two people’s search for the truth in a future society that worships technology instead of God. Rather interesting and unique storyline, especially in the Christian market…

Overall, Under Midnight, both the band and the album itself, is an oft overlooked creative entity that seemed to dissipate before its time. I would highly recommend this for fans of industrial and electronic music, both Christian and secular alike…