under midnight - void

I was given this CD back in 1996 by a guy who went to my church at the time, claiming that it wasn’t Christian enough for him. Still trying to figure out what that means…

Under Midnight’s second album, featuring a lobster on the front cover, isn’t as heavy as their debut release, but instead experiments further with the electronic based music, adding a bit more variety to the mix to keep everyone’s attention. The CD opens with the up-tempo cyber punk ditty “Lie To Me”, perhaps my favorite song on the disc. There’s mixtures of industrial and grunge, and, in the instance of “Oh Boy”, I can honestly say it’s the first time I’ve heard anything resembling “industrial rockabilly”. A couple of tracks, “GIGO” and the “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep” (which most astute Sci-Fi fans will recognize as the title of the short story that inspired some movie staring Harrison Ford…and if you said “Star Wars”, !BOOT TO THE HEAD!) are merely ambient instrumentals that really are nothing more than filler.

Lyrically, the band continues in the concept album territory, this time involving a tale of an android who ponders as to whether or not he has a soul. I have a coffee maker that gets all existentialist and mopey from time to time, so I can relate. There’s no spoken narrative between songs, but the plot is explained in the CD jacket. Unfortunately, though, the whole thing feels like it isn’t finished…like it was rushed to get a release out. Me thinks there’s a full-on “director’s cut” that needs to be issued…

Give Under Midnight points for not rehashing the same disc twice on their sophomore, and unfortunately last, CD. Pop this in for something different…and ahead of its time…