sympathy - arcane path
Arcane Path
Fear Dark

Normally, when one thinks of Canada, images of hockey-playing, Lebat Blue-drinking, funny-hats-with-the-ear-flaps-wearing, backbacon-eating, Rush-loving Mounties pop to mind (for me, Red Green also applies…darn funny show). Never in a million years will Canada be known as the land of Death Metal (normally, in the music market, it’s known as the Land of Pop Princesses and Snotty Pop-Punk). That, however, doesn’t stop the very occasional metal band to emerge with some blistering METAL to melt away the cold nights. Sympathy is one such band.

A couple of years ago, Sympathy already smacked me full on the head with their first CD, Invocation. Now, with the release of Arcane Path, the blistering slab of At The Gates / Carcass styled death metal with obvious classical and prog leanings my head is blissfully throbbing. This is a perfect marriage of what metal should be- brooding, distorted thrash, thundering blastbeats backed by classical arrangements and beautiful harmonies over a grinding rhythm section.

Lyrically, Sympathy is equally powerful, full of unadulterated truth (“Cast not upon the Lord of Terrors / Can your will bind His ancient power? / He who rules over the realms of chaos / He whose lidless eye never grows tired”). Let me tell you, it’s refreshing to see a band like this that pays close attention to crafting both meaningful lyrics and skillfully played metal. A must-have for extreme metal heads…crank this one…