sympathy - invocation
Fear Dark

A very tantalizing mix of death metal with some thrash and black metal touches. The paring off with the death vocals with the black shriek vocals is a match that works well. The music is brutal, the blast beat drumming is excellent, if not as thundering as I’d like. The guitar work is tight and phenomenal. But the one element that really works well is the addition of the keyboards. They don’t over dominate or take away from the overall heaviness of the music; on the contrary, the keys work to compliment the brutality, enhancing it to add an air of atmospheric desperation to the metallic onslaught. I wish I could speak of the lyrical content, but the sad truth is that I didn’t receive a lyric sheet with the copy I was given, and a quick look at the band’s website reveals that they don’t have the lyrics posted. However, a quick read of interviews with the band reveals that they’re totally about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Bottom line, folks, is this is brutal metal that’s worthy to be in your collection. Shut off the lights, reinforce your speakers, and crank this sucker…