torn skin - mislead
Blacklight Records

Back in 1999, at my first trip to the famed Cornerstone festival in Illinois, I was in the tent where they were holding the Goth And Industrial Night festivities. Before the Cyber Shadow set, they were distributing copies of Torn Skin’s ‘Mislead’ and Fatal Blast Whip’s ‘Seduction’ EPs, both on the now-defunct Blacklight label. I got ahold of the Fatal Blast Whip CD, and got the Torn Skin CD later…

‘Mislead’ is a CD of dark EBM, four originals and six remixes. While listening to different versions of the same song can get a bit redundant after a while, the remixes aren’t bad. Fans of VNV Nation should check these guys out. Mind you, I only have this CD to judge the band by, and none of their recent stuff, so I would have to do that to get a more rounded view of the band. But, as a primer, Mislead isn’t bad…