trino - more than a new life
More Than A New Life

EXCELLENT DEATH METAL. I would compare Trino to the likes of Death List, Obliteration, Crimson Thorn, Living Sacrifice, Soul Embraced, and other bands that crush the head upon hitting the play button. Trino has that same intensity on ‘More Than A New Life’, offering death metal with a groove to it. The vocals go from the standard issue death growl to a type of guttural shout that gets pulled off better than Steve Rowe could. The music is tight, heavy and slamming. I’m having a ball convulsing along with this CD.

With a look at the lyrics in the CD booklet, ‘More Than A New Life’ seems to be a study in the contrasts between God’s absolute truths in the Bible, and the “truths” the world holds, and the resultant consequences. Take “Nothing But Pride”- “Stupid generation / Leave all of your ignorance / Nothing but pride / The images in your mind / Are perverse and obscene”. “Escape” is a look at running away and hiding from God’s truth. “Insanity For Infinity” is a picture of the mental state of someone trapped in Hell. And the title track, “More Than A New Life”, has probably my favorite lines on the disc- “Momentary pleasures followed by frustrations, no… / Take off your disguise, awake to the reality / Absolutely and only truth brings us hope / Kill your pride in this world full of hate / I live with my convection, I ignore the hypocrisy from the society.” I like that last line.

Trino’s ‘More Than A New Life’ is well worth inclusion in your death metal collection. Check them out. You won’t be sorry.