watchmen - generation

I first heard of this band on a little-known compilation called Underground Metal. They caught my fancy with their dark, Dio-inspired sound and vocals. So, I managed to scout out a copy of anything they put out, and came across this album, supposedly their last one under the Watchmen moniker (according to reports from fellow metalheads on the ‘net, they went on to call themselves Ignite, and basically re-recorded this album with their new “sound”). Since it was relatively cheep ($1.50), I picked up the copy to see what was contained therein.

I could have used that buck fifty. Man, this album is a big disappointment. Not only does the music not reflect the same stuff that was on the Underground Metal comp, but apparently, since they would revamp their whole sound and image later, this was probably a precursor to that change, as this is more pop metal / radio-friendly rock, with more keyboards and *gasp* a saxophone. Yes, a saxophone. Or, as Homer would call it, a sax-a-muh-phone. Used not just once, but twice. Too many sappy ballads and not enough metal, even in the heavier songs. I could’ve done a load of laundry with the money I spent on this stinker. Pass…