purity-ringThis week, the notion lighted upon me to talk about sex and relationships, as I see it from my twisted viewpoint of a Christian freak. I mean, that is the name I gave the blog, right? Sex and relationships are such complex subjects in and of themselves, even more so when we’re homing in from a Christian world view, that I felt there was no one better to talk about it than a 40-something pseudo-journalist with two failed engagements under his belt. Lesser qualified people have thrown in their two cents on the matter, so why not?

The first topic in this line of thinking, which I was (for some strange reason) mentally chewing on the way back from work, was the so-called “Purity Movement” that was (probably still is) big in the Evangelical community. Keep yourself pure for marriage, it says. Sign right here to make a promise to not lose your purity until your wedding night, when you can then engage in whatever it is that married couples do on their wedding night, I really wouldn’t know. Backgammon, I think?

The notion to remain pure until marriage is a fallacy, not because I somehow believe that it’s impossible to save yourself until marriage. Far from it. No, the reason why I think that phrase is a bit misleading is due to the fact that purity as we know it doesn’t exist. It goes back to everyone having fallen short of the glory of God, meaning that we begin life with a very shoddy notion of “purity” to begin with. Our idea of purity and maintaining it differs greatly than what God’s idea of purity is.

What we all tend to forget is that purity is not something that we have and can lose at the drop of the pants (see what I did there?). Instead, to those of us who have placed our trust and faith in Christ Jesus, purity is something that we never really had to begin with, but was then given to us freely because of Christ’s righteousness. Our own purity is referred to in the Bible as “filthy rags”, something that God finds unacceptable due to His Holiness. But the moment that you put your trust and faith in what His Son Jesus did in our place on the cross, Jesus’ holiness, His righteousness and purity are given to us in place of our filthy rags. We now are acceptable to God, because we have Jesus’ purity covering us, and not our self-righteousness.

This means that purity–this righteousness–that was given to us freely, cannot be taken away by us. It is the Giver that has given it, and the Giver that can take away. But, He has made a promise that nothing–not what other humans, angels or otherwise will do to you–will take away that gift He has given to you.

Bottom line: Having sex before marriage is not what makes you impure. Having sex, period, is not what makes you impure, if you really want to get to the point. Sex itself is a beautiful gift that God has created for us, and it should be respected and revered within the bonds of marriage. But, remember this: whether you’ve waited for your wedding night to have sex, or have a bit more, shall we say, lenient viewpoint on sex, none of that matters in the long run, so long as you’re not trusting in Jesus as your source of purity.

That’s it for this time. If you have any questions, comments and rebukes, fill ’em in on the comments down below, there. Until next time, cheers, my wonderful freaks…