vaakevandring - demo

I tell you, sometimes a burger satisfies more than the full meal deal. In the same way, this three-song demo by Norwegian unblack metal act Vaakevandring is much more potent than, say, a full-length.

The sound, to go a bit further than just saying “unblack metal”, melds some very ethereal Viking metal, or forest metal- some would say doom metal- sounds like that of later Benzum records. The vocals, along with the general black metal shriek, utilizes a clear, opera-esq baritone voice in the mix. There are keyboards thrown in, along with some keyboard-generated instruments (such as the flute on “Fader Vaar”).

Those who complain that they don’t know what they’re saying in the music, well, you may actually have a valid argument here, as two of the three songs are sung in their native Norwegian. “Some Day” is the only one in English, and probably the best song on the disc. Not because it’s in English, mind you. The orchestration, piano and overall feel lend beautifully to the song’s topic of losing sight of Christ and asking for a second chance. “Og Sorgon Stilnet I Smertens Vann” (sure, easy for them to say) made me feel that there should be movie credits rolling to the song.

I wonder if the word “robust” comes into play here. Ah, well. Very good buy for the discerning black metal fan. . .