venia - in our weakness
In Our Weakness
Bombworks Records

Hailing from Finland, Venia (Latin for “grace” or “forgiveness”) got its start in 2002. After recording the demo Genesis in 2004, they got the attention of the boys at Bombworks Records, and recorded and released this EP, In Our Weakness, the year later.

After starting things off with “Kaipuu”, a very haunting intro, the band kicks you in the proverbial face with its tasty blend of heavy power and thrash metal. Veronica Solje’s vocals are a perfect complement to the music, angelic and haunting but able to whip out the harsh death-like growls at a moments notice (like at the end of the song “Illusion” and most of “The Path”); she can certainly handle herself with the big boys, and then some, very nice. Lyrically, Venia is very straight forward in their Christian faith, extolling listeners to seek out the Way, Truth and Life in Christ Jesus. “No More” ends the EP with a very dark and dirge-ish metal piece that laments a life lived in vain, seeking the face of the Father for release of all burdens.

Overall, this is a fantastic, if short, EP of metal goodness. Production is great, and I love the contrast of extreme heaviness and haunting melodies. This is a band to keep your eye on. I highly recommend In Our Weakness to any fan of the European metal.