with blood comes cleansing - horror
Victory Records

Metalcore seems to have come a long way since I was introduced to the style back in the mid-90s by certain friends who shall remain nameless. Far from sounding like an attempt by confused hardcore kids to play metal, the style has grown over the years, getting tighter and really embracing the “metal” side of things. There’s a lot of really great death and thrash metal built upon the core foundation of many modern bands that appeal to me greatly. Some say metalcore is a dead style; I say, like other metal genres, it just mutates after a time.

In any case, With Blood Comes Cleansing’s release Horror makes the case that metalcore isn’t dead, and is in fact mutating into something powerful and brutal. Grinding death metal riffs, pummeling rhythms, vocals that growl and shriek — none of that clean emo vox here — make for a fairly brutal, if not brief, slab of listening pleasure. I did, however find most of the songs blending together at times, which tended to lose focus for me. Overall, Horror is a decent listen, but nothing very revolutionary.