training for utopia - plastic soul impalement
Plastic Soul Impalement
Solid State

Morphing from a straight-up hardcore band on their previous EP, Training For Utopia’s first full-length- Plastic Soul Impalement- turned out to be a calculated chaos-educed metalcore platter with elements of dark industrial thrown in, giving this a distinctive flavor from the usual glut of hardcore and screamo that was passing as “metal” at the time. Thundering primitive rhythms, screeching guitar attacks, with screaming vocals spouting very angry lyrics…it’s really no wonder this band and this particular album gained some notoriety, especially with the original artwork. I like it, myself, but to some the image of a Ken doll flayed open didn’t set well. I especially like the breakdown rant on “Single Handed Attempt At Revolution”…it’s directed at a certain shock rocker that was big at the time. Heh. Long story short, this is perhaps the only Training For Utopia CD that I listen to…not bad for after work stress reduction…