training for utopia - throwing a wrench
Throwing A Wrench In The American Machine
Solid State

I’ll just come out and say it: I don’t like Training For Utopia. Their brand of chaotic metalcore just never seemed to appeal to me. Found it more annoying than innovative, really. I make no apologies, even though I have friends who think they’re the greatest thing to come from Solid State Records since Zao reared their ugly head. I wasn’t even going to bother checking out their final studio album (that I know of), Throwing A Wrench In The American Machine, which was released in 1999. But, because of these friends of mine, I was subjected to a listening session by someone who felt that I was due for some education in his music. Whatever. Here’s my thoughts…

It sucks. Period. Not only is the music here annoying, but the annoyance gets bumped up another level because of the addition of needless electronica elements. Yeesh. Couldn’t make it through without having to stop and rest mine ears. From what I understand, very few Christian bookstores wouldn’t carry this CD, but not because of the music quality apparently. Doesn’t matter. I’ll pass, thank you much…