training for utopia zao split
Training For Utopia / Zao
Solid State Records

I’ve got to say, I am rather disappointed with this split CD. Disappointed simply because there are only two songs each from two of probably the heaviest and talented bands in the metalcore genre within the beleaguering Christian market. It’s like those free samples they give out once in a while in supermarkets- so tiny they barely give you a taste, only succeeding in making you crave more. Wait…I guess that’s the point…

The songs on this split CD appear nowhere else. That’s only a minor attraction. The main shining event on the CD is the music. The Training For Utopia songs (“Modus Operandi”, “Police John, Police Red”) are as aggressive as I’ve ever found them. And Zao…well, let’s just say the two offerings here (“Skin Like Winter”, “Walk On By, Walk On Me”) sound like they should’ve been on Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest, which came out after this split. Still the same blackened metalcore I’m slowly growing to appreciate.

Ah, at least you can play this four-song CD multiple times. In supermarkets, if you try to get the free sample more than once, they loose the hounds on you. Personal experience, trust me…