spittin' jonah - louder than hell
Louder Than Hell

For an independent release, this isn’t bad, really. Spittin’ Jonah is a Texas band that plays straight ahead, galloping heavy metal, with noticeable influences coming from DiAnno-era Iron Maiden, Armored Saint, and especially Christian metal bands of old, like Saint and Messiah Prophet. Musically, they’re full-on guitar driven classic power metal without any keyboards or synths or any other wimpy frills. The guitar work is very stellar, taking the listener on some very interesting guitar lead trips. The vocals are very powerful; deep and gritty, lending to the power. Lyrically, Louder Than Hell is an album written by Christians for metal fans, which means that the lyrics don’t compromise and are full-on Christ-centric, but they don’t beat people over the head either. They’re intelligent and thoughtful without being boring.

Production-wise is where things get a bit sloppy. Although it’s to be expected for an independent release, the afore-mentioned vocals don’t seem to push it over the edge. The over-all sound is good, but it never achieves the “big” sound that gets the heart pumping. Again, though, it’s to be expected from a first release that’s independent. Given enough time, they should be one heavy, tight metal band to be reckoned with. Soooo…I’d say if you like your metal pure and unadulterated, Spittin’ Jonah’s for you…and Louder Than Hell can be obtained at their website: http://www.spittinjonah.com