tortured conscience - every knee shall bow
Every Knee Shall Bow
Bombworks Records

Ever since discovering Tortured Conscience’s demo back in 2002 via the Tools Of The Trade comp, I was hooked by the deliciously brutal death metal that the band produced. Since then, I’ve been keeping an eye out for more material by Tortured Conscience. Finally, in 2006, this full length was released on the always excellent Bombworks Records, and for some reason I missed the release announcement. To this day, I keep asking myself, where the heck was I when this came out? I dropped the ball on that one, let me tell you…

And that won’t happen again, rest assured. Because once I got my meaty digits on this sucker, I was blown completely away by the brutal awesomeness that was brought forth from my computer speakers. What is contained on this CD is phenomenal death metal, of the brutal, smashing and pummeling variety. The band has really stepped things up several notches since the demo, and I for one couldn’t be happier. The guitars are meltdown-inducing, the blastbeats are tight and brutal, and the growls are awesome. Lyrically, they are still insightful and thought-provoking from a strong Biblical perspective.

Bottom line, Every Knee Shall Bow is AWESOME DEATH METAL. Go forth and partake, mein fellow metalheads…