spirits breeze - annulling dark forces

This is a three-song CD Ep by a band that can be described as death metal with thrash leanings, at least from the music I could discern therein. And for the sake of this review, I’ll start off with what I feel is Spirit Breeze’s strong point on this release- the lyrics. Very edifying,strong militant Christian lyrics. And since there’s only three songs,I’ll lay out the analysis for you. The first track, “Divine March”, is a call for Christians to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and set people free. Track 2, “Celestial Carnage”, paints a picture of the end times and hell, warning people to “open your eyes while there is time.” And the last track, “Holocaust Of Humanity”, takes its cue from Revelation 9:1-11, in that it speaks of the fifth trumpet being blown, and those humans who don’t have God’s seal being tortured by locusts (depending on whether you interpret “locusts” as either literal or apocryphal).

Now. About the music quality. The production is deftly pathetic. The vocals (the Cookie Monster growl variety) and the drums are WAY up front, whereas the guitars are barely there, and the bass guitar, if there is one, is virtually nonexistent. It sounds like they recorded this on the tape recorder on a portable stereo, then stuck it onto a CD. I know it sounds like I’m being mean, but I harp on production simply because, as Christians, I fell we should be honing our skills and talents to the best of our God-given abilities, and not just stick the Gospel on some shoddy product. As far as ‘Annulling Dark Forces’ goes, it needs massive improvement in the production area, making this a great death CD.