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War Of Ages
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Being a die-hard Christian metalhead for as along as I have — since 1992, if you can fathom that — I’ve seen trends come and go; styles die out, mutate, and resurges once or twice. Everything is circular, really. And rather than just setting on a smalls sub-genre of the style I know and live, I like to keep an eye open for new stuff, see what trips my fancy, and of course have a wider selection of reviews for this blog/site/wherever I have things hosted this week.

There has definitely been a great wave of brutal metal resurgence in the last decade or so, spawning bands that really defy pigeon holing into one label and can really best defined in one word as “brutal”. For the most part, it’s been a great revival of sorts. War Of Ages is one of the bands to come from this brutal metal revival, and one that many tell me I should definately check out. So, I thought I’d start at the beginning, and check out their self-titled first album.

Fans of War Of Ages may want to fire up your e-mails now, and get set with the angry responses.

I really did try to like this. I wanted to. I’ve heard such great things about the band, I figured they’d be a new addition to the other bands that have found their way into my coveted Frequent Players of Awesome list — bands like Becoming The Archetype, Impending Doom and I Built The Cross. But alas, I was not impressed with this debut of War Of Ages. Heavy, yes, but come of lackluster metalcore. Maybe, it’s just that it was their first effort, and thus got better over time (they certainly have had enough releases after this to warrant that theory); everyone I’ve talked to so far have said to check out there later releases and such, so this hasn’t really put me off checking War Of Ages out further. And they do have some very cool lyrics. Still, not something I foresee listening to all that much.