soul embraced - for the incomplete2 soul embraced - for the incomplete
For The Incomplete
Clenched Fist / Blood N’ Ink / Solid State

Please excuse me whilst I shiver in complete ecstasy. What can I say? Other than ‘For The Incomplete’ is a collection of some of the finest neo-death metal sounds I’ve ever heard since Living Sacrifice decided to get reborn. I say “neo-death metal” because, despite Soul Embraced being comprised of members of afore mentioned Living Sacrifice, ahem, THIS IS NOT TO BE LUMPED WITH THE GENERAL DEATH/METALCORE CATCHALL LABEL!!!!!!!!! Nice, tight, finely-tuned guitar riffs, brutal yet precise drumming, and vocals that would shiver anyone’s timbers. Lyrics that are about as challenging and well-crafted as the music. For instance, “My Tourniquet”, where it appears to be the last dying words of a man who just committed suicide. Or “Forgiveness In Solitude” (which, by the way, has some stellar drum and guitar working like I haven’t heard), a very beauty-in-the-midst-of-pain song. No, this is more “death metal” than “core”. Get this. OH, FOR THE LOVE OF SPAM, GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!