split cd sanctifica pantokrator
Sanctifica / Pantokrator
Fear Dark

For the consumer who buys primarily from Christian bookstores, Extol was probably the first taste of “black metal” in America when Solid State made ‘Burial’ available for widespread distribution in the States. Thanks to the internet, though, and many overseas labels repackaging lost gems for music consumers, a whole scope of black and death metal from Christians overseas have become available for international fans to partake in.

This split CD features two early releases from two Swedish black metal bands- Sanctifica’s ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’s and Pantokrator’s ‘Songs Of Solomon’.

Sanctifica’s ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’, first released in 1998, is second wave black metal, a beautiful and poignant mirage of chaotic black metal and keyboard-generated orchestration, as cold and beautiful as the land that spawned the music. “King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords” is a powerful black metal praise song.

Pantokrator’s ‘Songs Of Solomon’ is more thrash-oriented black metal, but powerful none the less. It would be considered a recent release, as it’s their third put out in 2001.

Production-wise, the entire split CD is excellent. Although there are no lyrics included, the twelve songs make up a fine collection from two fine black metal artists. Adherents to the style are advised to look into this release.