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These guys used to be known as the Jesus Freaks (the band, not that album by, uh, that other band). Actually, this is the third version of the band; previously they were known also as Blind Eye Open, before the Morphine label went under. Now they have a new singer, and quite the slammin’ new sound for those who hunger for quality Christian metal.

This three-song demo is very, very heavy. Think of it as a audio one-two-three punch. The first song, “Brain Cell”, immediately sticks it to you, starting off with some heavy death-like growls, then the vocalist switches to more of a scream like that of Pantera. The other two songs are just as heavy, especially “Bone”. Lyrically, Sub-Train sings (screams?) about seeking Christ’s holiness in a very, very unholy world. The lyrics are very deep, and yes, they do include Scripture references with the lyric sheet.

Sure, this is short. Maybe too short. But, it gets multiple spins in my disc player. This is definitely for those who like their music heavy, heavy, heavy. . .