stauros - adrift

It seems I’ve been reviewing a lot of Brazilian bands lately. Probably because I got a whole slew of ’em in the mail from D_Lister to review. And the one thing I noticed is the diversity of metal that appears to be coming from the largest country in South America.

Stauros represents the power metal side of things. Well, I should say power metal with progressive tendencies. I can’t remember if ‘Adrift’ is Stauros’ second or third release. I have their previous release, ‘Seaquake’, and I’ve been meaning to get around to pounding out a review for that one, but’ve been sluffing it off for so long. Maybe this review will give me the staunch kick in the proverbial hiney to get to that one. But, until then, here’s my assessment of ‘Adrift’:

I would liken Stauros to something of a second-rate Dream Theatre, in that the musicianship is great, but it doesn’t really grab me as does a Dream Theatre release. You might say that it gets to the edge, but doesn’t have enough to push it over. But don’t let that defer you whatsoever, gentle reader. Stauros is still one of the best played and produced Christian bands I’ve ever heard. I would compare them much to the likes of Balance Of Power, Narnia and Impelliteri, for the Christian comparisons. The lyrics smack much closer to the Dream Theatre experience, in that they’re heavy on poetic metaphor painted on a surreal canvas. Yeah, you can tell I’ve been reading them before writing this.

Speaking of painting, let me share a bit from the title track, “Adrift”- “You can paint with your colors / And mix them with your scratching / Distill it with naive tears / The canvas that dams freedom / But the truth is adrift / Crossing the waves moved by the spirit.” Like the lyrics of Tourniquet and Galactic Cowboys, the lyrics on ‘Adrift’ warrant more than a casual gloss over.

Stauros is metal for the thinking person. And ‘Adrift’ is a solid power metal CD. Miss this one and you’ll be missing out.